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Creating playful and delicate pieces which inspire you to access all possibilities of your own identity. 

Hannah Mae Buckingham is a multi-disciplinary creative, manifesting work within the realms of fashion, photography, writing and art.

Reflecting on the binaries which they aim to subvert has led Hannah to integrate the ever growing and shifting elements of her creative practice into softly connected and fluid elements of the same earth.


Producing slowly and making with care, working with consciously sourced materials

(prioritising use of vintage second-hand / upcycled materials, and combining these with

natural and deadstock materials when necessary)

with a transparency to how pieces have been sourced and created.

Due to the nature of using second-hand materials and working slowly - my designs are created in limited, made-to-order and one-of-a-kind runs.

This is to combat any unnecessary waste and use resources already available.

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